iPlay/FromEast Esports Tournament Design, Promotion and Management

While working for FromEast Limited one of my roles was to draw more customers to the iPlay E-sports gaming cafe. I designed, promoted and hosted multiple tournaments to achieve this goal.

Here is an example of my work process:

Step One
Getting in contact with sponsors; I dealt directly with some sponsors such as Red Bull, for others I went through iPlays’ official brand sponsor X-Blaster.
The result was a substantial prize pool that would be appealing to contestants.

Step Two
Choosing what game, platform and format of the tournament. Our tournaments cycled through different games based on popularity and competitive viability. For this example we were overdue for a hearthstone tournament as well having some customer requests for it.
Next I organised a time and date and proceeded to nail down the rest of the details for the poster.
For the tournament format I had to look at what kind of participants I wanted to target and what would be the most suitable for the time constraints (1 day).
Because iPlay focuses on the E-sports side of gaming I chose a format that had been proven to work for competitive online tournaments. This particular format allowed for a best of 3 format for each game as well as a double elimination bracket. This meant even the first people to be knocked out from the tournament got to play at least two best of three sets.

Step Three
Now that I had all the details to advertise I designed a poster advertising the tournament

Hearthstone Poster.png

A separate graphic was also created for the reveal of the prizes:


Step Four
Advertising, organizing and social platforms. With all the details and graphics worked out for the event it was time to bring it to social media for advertising.
Creating the social media event allowed us to advertise with facebooks internal advertising system as well being spread through friends sharing the event.

The facebook event page also gave the competitors a forum to ask questions about the tournament and keep up to date with the sign up procedures.Reply
Event page can be found here: https://goo.gl/UAq9sc

Step Five
Event Management. On the day the event management consisted of handling the check ins, taking payment and managing the bracket.


As the tournament continued I took photos for sponsors and organised the prize giving to the winners.

Step Six
Post tournament roundup. After the tournaments completion I provided facebook insights and attendee numbers for review.

iplay fb info.png

Further Tournament Graphics Portfolio
The following is a collection of graphics from other tournaments I have hosted.
For further information on any of the following tournaments please contact me.
Mobile: +64-2102483805
Email: shaunjaded@gmail.com

Poster A4








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