A Statistical Investigation within the game, League of Legends

Reflection, Conceptualisation and Contextualisation


Looking back on my Transdisciplinary Inquiry project a lot of things had to change and adapt as the project went on. When first writing my proposal I wanted to test how revive passives in league of legends effected peoples play styles. Whether people would play differently depending on the revive passive being available or not. Because there are multiple champions with revive passives I wanted to test them all and witness how the different mechanics of each one effected the opponents playstyle. My quantifiable result was going to be the players post game thoughts and a documentation of their experiences. Upon sitting down at iPlay internet cafe with my notes from my proposal with what tests to run and talking to my players I had ready to playout the tests we began to chat about the test and matchups. Very quickly I realized there were many, many, many variables that I had not detailed on how to control in my testing. We tried carrying out some of the tests but I knew after the first one that it was a failure. The data had too many inaccuracies and the ‘result’ of peoples thoughts on the matchup and gameplay seemed lackluster.
I had to reiterate my idea until it became something functional with as reliable testing as possible and actual quantifiable results.
I decided focusing on one particular champion with one particular matchup. Instead of trying to find out how people played differently around the egg passive I wanted to find out the actual ‘value’ of the egg.
From this point I could evolve certain restrictions around the testing to control as many variables as possible. Furthermore I was able to much more testing with just one champion matchup which made the data more reliable.
I believe I did my best to control the variables but there is a great number of small things that aren’t perfect. This is due to the fact that because I was undergoing tests within the game the manipulation of the testing environment was restricted by the game engine.

How does this project fit into our world?
League of legends is the most popular E-sport and competitive game in the world. The game has a massive community following branching across multiple art forms such as Cosplay (Costuming), Video entertainment, Video instructional, Esports news agencies, E-sports branding and clubs, Cult like followings of certain in game characters and communities dedicated to the mastery of one particular champion in the game.
There have been multiple academic research studies into certain aspects surrounding the game such as:

-Kou, Y., & Gui, X. (2014, October). Playing with strangers: Understanding temporary teams in League of Legends. In Proceedings of the first ACM SIGCHI annual symposium on Computer-human interaction in play (pp. 161-169). ACM.

-Donaldson, S. (2015). Mechanics and Metagame Exploring Binary Expertise in League of Legends. Games and Culture, 1555412015590063.

-Claypool, M., Decelle, J., Hall, G., & O’Donnell, L. (2015, October). Surrender at 20? Matchmaking in league of legends. In Games Entertainment Media Conference (GEM), 2015 IEEE (pp. 1-4). IEEE.

These research articles examine broad aspects of the game such the matchmaking system of forming online teams and a breakdown of the overall mechanics and metagame of League of Legends. However the testing and research I have completed fits into a much narrower niche within the League of Legends Community. My project aims to benefit specifically the community dedicated to learning the one particular champion I investigated: Anivia. By providing in depth analysis and information not previously investigated in any easy to view and understand format to the average ‘Anivia Main’ it can benefit the gameplay and success of multiple players within the Anivia mains community. This particular community can be found on the /r/AniviaMains subreddit as well as the Anivia Mains discord server. These are the places I will be sharing my video in order to reach the most of the Anivia Mains of the League of Legends community.

Test Data:
Control img

72 img150 img222 img308 img372 img

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